Services - what can I do for you?

I provide a range of services related to website design, development and maintenance. As a sole-operator I concentrate on sites for small businesses, small government departments and individuals. I provide a professional service with attention to detail and I'm used to meeting deadlines.

I can examine your business requirements and determine the best solution for your needs. I can quickly and easily adapt to your programs, systems, procedures and guidelines. I can also train you or your staff to maintain your site.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss your needs on any of the following items.


Do you want to create your first website or intranet?

If you're taking the first steps in creating your web presence, you have a lot of things to consider, which may be overwhelming for a non-technical person. You need to select an appropriate host for your site. You need to select and register a domain name, which needs to reflect your business and be easily remembered by your customers. You have to decide how to build and maintain your site - do you do it internally or outsource, or a combination of both?

I can help with all of this.

...Or does your current site require updating?

I can review your current site and do anything from providing recommendations, to designing your new site and then developing that site and training your staff to maintain the site.

Particularly for Government departments, I can update your site to comply with accessibility guidelines, AGLS metadata requirements, W3C-endorsed HTML and CSS standards, and Government website guidelines.


Do you just want a few simple html pages?

If your needs are simple and a few pages of static HTML content are all that's required, I can set it up for you or help you to do it yourself. I'm proficient in coding in HTML and use CSS for page layout, including complying with W3C-endorsed HTML and CSS standards.

...Or a complex back-end database application?

What sort of application do you need? I can build you a booking system, ordering system, shopping trolley, training applications...

I can build your application in either PHP or Perl. I can program in JavaScript when required, although I prefer not to, to avoid problems with browser compatibility. I'm experienced with a variety of SQL databases, in particular I'm familiar with MySQL and MSSQL. I'm also very experienced with Microsoft Access databases including programming with visual basic.

Click here for more information on my database design services.

...Or something in between?

I can help you to set up a web development program, such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, and train your staff in using these programs to enable you to maintain your own site.


Do you need to create, edit, format or review your site's content?

Many times printed matter is copied to websites without regard for differences between print and electronic content. Internet users do not read web pages in the same way as they do the printed pages of a book. I can edit your content - rewrite, restructure, reformat, add links and navigation aids - whatever is required to ensure it is suitable for electronic publishing.

I have extensive experience with the creation and maintenance of content, both in print and electronic form and can create or edit content for you, from a variety of internal sources or external research.

Perhaps you've changed your branding or introduced a new logo, I can format your content to comply with the style of your site or print standards.

All content should be reviewed regularly to ensure currency. I can provide a fresh look at content that may not have been checked for several years.

Click for more information on my editing and writing skills.

...Or perhaps you need to install a content management system?

There is a range of content management systems (CMSs) available. Many of these are open source, so they can be customised for your needs. I can help you with the selection and implementation of a CMS that's suitable for your organisation.

...Or convert your printed information into electronic form?

I can convert Word documents into valid HTML format - no application can do so adequately, it still requires a human eye to ensure the converted code complies with standards and works on all browsers. I can convert your printed information into PDF documents from a variety of applications using Adobe Acrobat.

...Or vice-versa?

Do you have content on your website that needs to be converted to print form? Or even from one printed form to another, or one electronic form to another?

I can convert your information from and to a wide variety to formats using a range of IT applications.


Would you like to create and implement new branding?

Is your site looking old and tired? Perhaps you've had a change of direction and your organisation is looking for completely new print and electronic branding. I can help you with your site layout, banner and image creation, logo design, as well as new stationery, such as letterheads and business cards.

...Or incorporate your existing logos and branding into your site?

If you're creating your first site, I will ensure the site reflects your existing print branding. If your website style and branding differ from your print branding, I can bring them back into line.

...Or do you need photos or images for your site?

I have a large number of photos and digitally manipulated images available, or can take photos for you. I prefer to use Paint Shop Pro but can also use Photoshop to create images, or to touch-up or manipulate photos.

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