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Tulips. Melbourne International Flower Show. Simbu Sunset Rhododendron. Wall of chillis. Oriental Lilium - La Mancha. Unidentified plant.

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A new truck and new method of connecting to the van

I decided I needed a new truck and a new method for connecting to the van - quick hitch system. (10 Apr 2011)

Caravan parks charging a lower rate for a single person

A number of caravan parks charge a lower rate for a single person. In appreciation I'm going to list all the ones that I find and encourage anyone travelling on their own to use these where possible. (20 Dec 2010)

2009-10 Australia v Pakistan - First Test at Melbourne

Australia defeat Pakistan by 170 runs in the first Test of the 2009-10 series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. (30 Dec 2009)

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