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A new truck and new method of connecting to the van

Category: My second slide-on campervan. Published: 10 Apr 2011

I decided I needed a new truck and a new method for connecting to the van - quick hitch system.

Caravan parks charging a lower rate for a single person

Category: Overnight stops. Published: 20 Dec 2010 (first published 23 Jun 2009)

A number of caravan parks charge a lower rate for a single person. In appreciation I'm going to list all the ones that I find and encourage anyone travelling on their own to use these where possible.

2009-10 Australia v Pakistan - First Test at Melbourne

Category: Cricket. Published: 30 Dec 2009

Australia defeat Pakistan by 170 runs in the first Test of the 2009-10 series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Future of one day cricket

Category: Cricket. Published: 21 Sep 2009

Following the success of 20/20 cricket in recent years there has been a lot of talk in the media about possible changes to one day cricket. The changes suggested are to reduce the number of overs and/or play the game over four innings. The middle overs of a 50-over match are usually dull and boring. I'd be happy to see those overs removed, reducing the game to 40 overs each, but I'd go further with the changes.

Batting rule changes

Category: Cricket. Published: 21 Sep 2009

Every rule change in the game of cricket is designed to favour batsmen. The best games are the ones where there is a balance between bat and ball so I think the following rule changes should be introduced to even up the contest. These comments apply to all forms of cricket, but most will apply more often in limited over matches.

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