Writing and editing has been a significant part of my work for many years. I can write, edit, proofread, format or design information in a variety of formats. I target your information to ensure that it will be understood by its intended audience, recognising the differences between the way users read printed and electronic information.

I provide a wide range of services...


Converting content between print and electronic

Many times printed matter is copied to websites without regard for differences between print and electronic content. Internet users do not read web pages in the same way as people read the printed pages of a book, so the content must be reformatted or rewritten for the web.

With extensive experience in creating and maintaining content, both in print and electronic form, I can edit your content - rewrite, restructure, reformat, add links and navigation aids - whatever is required to ensure it is suitable for electronic publishing.

I can use material from a variety of internal sources or external research. I can convert Word documents or other printed material into valid HTML - no application can do so adequately, it still requires a human eye to ensure the converted code complies with standards, and works on all browsers. I can convert your printed information into PDF documents from a variety of applications using Adobe Acrobat.

I can even build your entire website for you.

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Formatting and layout

Presentation of your content can make or break your document. An attractive layout gives a much better first impression and is more likely to leave a lasting impression. Done appropriately, your document becomes more readable with the use of such things as fonts, white space, colour or shades of grey, logos and images.

Formatting requires a good eye and attention to detail. I can format large Word documents, ensuring consistency with and between:

I can also check that your document complies with any guidelines that are in place in your organisation, or I can develop a style guide for you.

A style guide saves you time and helps to produce consistent publications. Using specific references and examples in an easy to use format, the guide could include such things as:

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Editing and proofreading

The terms "editing" and "proofreading" mean different things to different people. You can use whatever term you like, I can help you with the following tasks:

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Writing and research

I can research a range of subjects using a variety of methods, particularly electronic, and compile the information into the format required.

I can use my own research or your material to write:

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Training. Learning. Staff development. Continuous improvement...Whatever you want to call it, I can help. I have extensive experience in training staff; it has always been part of my job and at one stage I worked in a training section where it was my full time job.

I can help you to create a range of training material, including:

I can also deliver training sessions, include train-the-trainer sessions. I believe in activity-based training, where staff are kept involved and interested and are more likely to learn and remember.

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Graphic design

Design must not only be attractive, it must also be functional. Whatever the item you need assistance with, it has been created for a purpose, so the design must reflect that purpose - logos must reflect the culture and values of the organisation, forms must be easy to complete, promotional material should target your potential clients...

I can help with the design of:

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