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Broken Hill

A mining town in outback NSW.

The original mining claim was pegged in 1883 by the 'Syndicate of seven', who eventually became BHP. A number of other mines and mining companies were established in later years. The orebody has provided continuous economical mining for over 100 years, with mining expected to continue until around 2010.

Broken Hill is the second largest producer of silver, zinc and lead in Australia (Mount Isa is first), and Australia is the second largest producer in the world.

The orebody is the world's largest silver-lead-zinc orebody. It's shaped like a boomerang standing on its ends, is 7.5 km long, 250 m wide, 1.6 km at it's longest end. The orebody has provided 200 million tonnes of high grade ore - 50 million tonnes of zinc and lead, 20,000 tonnes of silver.

Most of the orebody is underground, the outcropped tip is what became known as Broken Hill.

Basic details

Postcode: 2880
Population: 18,517 (2011 Census)
Elevation: 281 metres


Latitude: -31.9592 | Longitude: 141.467

Weather details



List of attractions in Broken Hill:

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