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George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Darwin's 42 ha Botanic Gardens are 2 km from the city centre.

The gardens were named after George Brown, a former Lord Mayor and gardens curator who re-established the gardens after cyclone Tracy destroyed 80% of its trees.

A network of paths lead through the different landscapes, habitats and plant collections, connecting the gardens attractions.

Landscapes: escarpment, rainforest, woodland, wetland, coastal plain, mangrove.

Plant collections: a variety of native and exotic tropical and rainforest plants, mangroves, cycads, baobabs, ferns, bamboo, orchids, bromeliads, 400 species of palm trees.

Attractions: water fountain, floral displays, playground, bbqs, orientation centre, plant display house, restored Wesleyan Methodist Church.


Gilbert's Dragon. Darwin Botanic Gardens fountain. Darwin Botanic Gardens. Birds in the Darwin Botanic Gardens. Black Kite. Black Kite. Black Kite. Banyan. Desert Rose. Ants and berries. Unidentified flower. Unidentified flower. Unidentified flower. Unidentified flower. Palm trees. Unidentified flower. Palm trees. Palm trees. Palm trees. Palm trees. Leaf of a palm tree. Bromeliad. Unidentified flower. Cactus. Orchid. Bromeliad. Bromeliad. Orchid. Crucifix Orchid. Crucifix Orchid. Orchid. Bromeliad. Unidentified flower. Unidentified flowers. Straw-necked Ibis.

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