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Palm Valley

Palm Valley is famous for its groves of Red Cabbage Palms, found nowhere else in the world (I always wondered where red cabbages came from!). The 12000 plants have survived here because of the permanent water supply and protection from floods.

It is accessible by 4wd only. I made it to the campground easily with the van on the back, but had to take the van off to get the rest of the way to the Valley - another 4km.

I combined the 2 km, 1-hour Arankaia walk and the 5 km, 2-hour Mpulungkinya walk - I'd recommend just doing the longer one. This involved a walk among the palms along the floor of the valley, then a climb over the top, with views of the palms below.


Ghost Gums. Ghost Gum. Red-Cabbage Palm. Red-Cabbage Palm. Red-Cabbage Palm. Zebra Finch. Zebra Finch. Red-Cabbage Palm. Palm Valley. Cassia or Senna. Cassia or Senna. Ghost Gums. Palm Valley. Red-Cabbage Palm. Red-Cabbage Palm. Red-Cabbage Palm. Water reflection. Water reflection. Palm Valley. Red-Cabbage Palm. Palm Paddock, Palm Valley. Ghost Gums. Ring-Tailed Dragon. Dragonfly.

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