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Serpentine Gorge

Serpentine Gorge, 99 km west of Alice Springs, is so named because of the snake-like course that the creek has cut through the ranges, best seen from the lookout, with its sweeping view of the narrow, winding gorge. The gorge is a refuge for rare plants, which have been sheltered by the cliffs and rocky slopes. It's a sacred site for local Aborigines.

The gorge is an easy 2.6 km, 1 hour return walk from the car park, with the lookout another 15 minutes each way on top of that (aptly described as a 'strenuous climb' on the information sign in the car park). The tourist guide recommends 4wd, but it's an easy gravel road suitable for a 2wd. No camping.


Long-Leafed Corkwood. Long-Leafed Corkwood. Serpentine Gorge, NT. Serpentine Gorge, NT. Ring-tailed Dragon. Ring-tailed Dragon. Ring-tailed Dragon. Serpentine Gorge, NT. Serpentine Gorge, NT. Serpentine Gorge, NT.

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