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Appealinna Ruin

Very interesting printed history of the site, available from the Wilpena Visitor Centre. In summary, Appealinna Cattle Run was established in 1856 by Joseph and Sarah Wills, who lived there until 1870. There were constant disputes with neighbours over the boundary; various surveys were carried out, each with a different result, but all placed the homestead outside the boundary. Copper mine established nearby from 1858-1860.

The ruins of the homestead and mine buildings are now part of the Flinders Ranges National Park. There was at least one dead kangaroo in every fireplace in every ruin.

Would be a very nice place to live - if the creek had any water in it and the flies would get lost. Too hot in the summer - although I can just imagine, after a hot day's work (walk?), relaxing under the shade of the majestic river red gums, feet dangling in the cool water of the gently flowing creek . . .


Appealinna Ruin, Flinders Ranges. Stokes' Skink. Stokes' Skink. Stokes' Skink. Appealinna Ruin, Flinders Ranges.

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