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Hills Homestead Walk

Easy walk of 6.6 km (2 hours) to a well-preserved former homestead inside Wilpena Pound, where signs tell the failed history of farming within the pound.

There are way too many people here - just like Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, it's the best location but that's why most people go there and this is the easy walk - the one that everyone does.

This walk is also the first section of a number of other walks, including to the two Wangarra Lookouts. The first lookout is about 400m from the homestead, and about the same from there to the top. On my walk a few people climbed to the first lookout, not many to the top one. First one was pretty easy, second one a bit more difficult. I stayed up there about half an hour. Two others came up in that time, basically got there, turned around and went back down. I don't understand why they don't have a good look around and enjoy the view, especially after such a hard climb up. People are strange! (other people, that is).


Common Wallaroo or Euro (Macropus robustus). Wattle and bee. Wattle and bee. Walking track. Old farm machinery. Old farm machinery. Abstract shot of old farm machinery. Abstract shot of old farm machinery. Common Wallaroo or Euro. Common Wallaroo or Euro. Common Wallaroo or Euro.

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