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Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden

This 200ha collection of arid zone flora was opened in 1996.

Very impressive range of plants that grow with little or no water, although not surprisingly there's not a lot of height. Good location and set up for the gardens.

The 12 km of marked walking trails reveal over 900 plant species, including a large collection of eremophilas (around 155 species), as well as 100 bird types and many reptiles.

It includes Matthew Flinders Redcliff Lookout and Arid Lands Garden Lookout.


Spotted Emu Bush. Native Fuchsia. Native Fuchsia. Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice. Spotted Emu Bush. Spotted Emu Bush. Eremophila. Eremophila. Eremophila. Native Fuchsia. Eucalyptus leaf and caterpillar. Digitally manipulated acacia. Green Cassia. Frosty Pink Grevillea. Inland Spyridium. Sturt's Desert Pea. Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, Port Augusta. Crimson Mallee. Digitally manipulated flower. Regal Birdflower. Eucalyptus flower and buds. Eucalyptus buds. Sturt's Desert Pea. Sturt's Desert Pea.

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