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Dismal Swamp

The world's only blackwood sinkhole, Dismal Swamp got its name from a government surveying group in 1828 who described their time at the location as 'dismal'.

There's a 110 metre slide down into the swamp, or a walking track for people like me who are not into giant slides.

At the bottom there are a number of raised walking paths through the swamp. A number of artworks are placed strategically throughout and the forestry guides provide interesting information about the area.

I enjoyed the walk, but I think the main attraction for most people is the slide rather than the swamp itself. If you're looking for serious bushwalking there are plenty of other locations in the area - this is very much a tourist attraction, but if it gets more people appreciating the bush then it's a good thing.


Walking track. Fungus. Fungus. Ferns. Ferns. Forest slide.

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