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I specialise in building databases or business systems for small business or government departments. As a sole-operator I can build you a simpler, cheaper, more effective system that's solid, reliable and easy to use. I can also train you or your staff to maintain it.

I can examine your business requirements and determine the best solution for your needs. I can quickly and easily adapt to your programs, systems, procedures and guidelines.

I provide a professional service with attention to detail and I'm used to meeting deadlines.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss your needs on any of the following items.


Business information management systems (databases)

Business systems? Information management? Databases? Software development? Whatever you want to call it, I can help.

I can review your current systems, both manual and electronic, and provide recommendations as to how to improve what you have, or the best options to replace it. Depending on the best solution for your organisation, I may then be able to either upgrade your system, or design and develop a new database and train your staff in how to use it.

If you have the same data in a number of systems, I can bring them all into one database, or at the very least, provide a front-end interface that gives the appearance of having just one system. Either way, the result is the same; an easier tool to enable your staff to perform their jobs more efficiently.

For business systems I prefer to use Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. Access is already installed in most businesses and government departments, meaning there's no additional software costs. I'm also experienced with a variety of SQL databases, in particular I'm familiar with MySQL and MSSQL. I have experience with a number of operating systems, including Windows, DOS and Unix.

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Data management

Are you being swamped by data? Do you have multiple copies of the same information? Are you storing information just because your system requires it? Are you storing data in a spreadsheet or word document because your main system doesn't allow you anywhere to enter it?

I have extensive experience with creating, editing and maintaining data, both in print and electronic form. I can review the data that you're storing, and by reviewing your day-to-day business practices, help to determine what's really required and what you can do without.

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System documentation and user manuals

I can convert your existing manuals from technical jargon to plain English.

I can incorporate your existing manuals into one easily used manual that is written for the person using it.

I have extensive experience with the creation and update of a variety of manuals, including system documentation and user manuals as well as training and presentation material. I provide a range of writing and editing services.

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