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The truck won't start

Category: What could possibly go wrong?. Published: 23 Jun 2009

The first time I took my slide-on campervan off the truck was in Port Pirie, SA. I'd been there for a few weeks, working on a few things inside the van but eventually it became time to leave.

I jacked the van up, which takes about half an hour with hydraulic jacks -- pumping up one jack a few centimetres, then onto the next jack and so on, making sure the van is reasonably level all the time, until it's high enough to be able to reverse the truck underneath.

Eventually the van's high enough so I start the truck. Well, I tried to start the truck -- I turned the key but nothing happening. Not a sound. Dead. What could it be? Flat battery is the obvious answer. I walked over to the caravan park office and asked the manager for a jump start. He brings over his portable starter pack but still nothing happens. He suggests I ring the RAA.

So I need to ring the RAA. My phone's in the van. The van's way up in the air. It's not very stable at that height and the ladder is too short anyway. I lower the van just enough so that I can get into it. I carefully rest the ladder against the van and very carefully climb up and get my phone and RAA membership card and very carefully climb down again and make the phone call.

After waiting an hour the RAA man arrived. I explained the problem to him. He turned the key and the truck started first go. Nothing wrong with it. What was the problem? No idea -- this is the only time it happened.

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