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Red wine and olive oil

Category: What could possibly go wrong?. Published: 23 Jun 2009

As I was driving around Phillip Island, Victoria, I noticed, via the rear-vision camera, what looked like red liquid pouring down the back of the van. No, it can't be, I thought. Maybe there's something wrong with the camera.

When I stopped I saw red liquid over the bottom part of the back door. Red liquid? What could it be? My first thought was that it was blood and that maybe I'd hit something. But at the back of the van? It couldn't be.

It must be coming from inside. I opened the door to find broken glass and mess everywhere. Somehow a cupboard had opened while I was driving, and bottles and packets of various food items had fallen out. A bottle of red wine and a bottle of olive oil had smashed and their contents had not only poured out the back door, but also all over the carpet and my brand new $100 sandals.

It took me all afternoon to clean up the mess -- in 35 degree heat!

Still it could have been worse -- it could have been two bottles of red wine...

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