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Installing the television and antenna

Category: My first slide-on campervan. Published: 23 Jun 2009

I bought a television in Canberra, an antenna in Adelaide, which I installed in Port Wakefield, then I installed the TV in Port Pirie and bought a booster for the antenna in Port Augusta.

Before starting my travel from Canberra I bought a TV for my slide-on campervan -- a 15'' flat screen LCD (that's the TV, not the van). When I left Canberra it was still in the box (again, the TV, not the van) -- I didn't have time to install it before I left and decided it was one of the many things I could on my travels. In my first few weeks of travelling I visited a number of friends and family members so I didn't really need a TV. At my first few stops away from family and friends, if I wanted to watch TV I had to take it out of the box and plug it in, then pack it up again before I took off.

At first I was using an internal antenna, which I quickly decided was useless. When getting the stove installed in Adelaide I bought a TV antenna. At my next stop (Port Wakefield) I installed the antenna, then at my next stop after that (Port Pirie) I attached the TV to the wall of the van.

TV reception was fine in Port Pirie, but when I got to Port Augusta my reception was terrible -- due to the mountains (Flinders Ranges) I was advised by the caravan park people. So I bought a booster. When I tried to install it I realised it needed an extra cord to go with it, and it was too late to go back and get one. Useless without it, so another night without reception. Got the cord the next day and was finally able to watch the cricket (Ashes Test from England), which was the main reason I bought a TV in the first place.

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