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Caravan parks charging a lower rate for a single person

Category: Overnight stops. Published: 20 Dec 2010 (first published 23 Jun 2009)

One thing that always annoys me about caravan parks is that most of them charge the same for one person as they do for two people. Yet if there are more than two they charge an extra amount for each extra person. Using this logic shouldn't they charge less for one person than they do for two?

A number of caravan parks do charge a lower rate for a single person. In appreciation I'm going to list all the ones that I find and encourage anyone travelling on their own to use these where possible.

There may well be others, but I've compiled this list after I've been travelling for a while and my memory's not as good as it used to be. I'll add more to the list as I come across them. If you would like to add one to the list please let me know.

Note, although these parks charged a single-person rate when I stayed there, there is no guarantee that they still do so -- please let me know if you've stayed there recently and they no longer charge a single-rate.

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