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Converted buses

Category: Types of homes-on-wheels. Published: 23 Jun 2009

A converted bus or coach appears to be somewhere between a campervan and a motorhome, although, as with most other types of homes-on-wheels, these can vary considerably in size

Any sized bus or coach is a suitable candidate for conversion, regardless of their former life as a carrier of school students or other passengers. The smaller ones can be driven on a normal car licence but larger ones require an updated licence; the precise details probably vary between states and territories. Conversion will most likely require a change in registration, again the precise details probably vary between states and territories.

Converting a bus to a home-on-wheels can take years or many people take the easy way out and buy one that's already been converted. Many people plan (what's that word?) their travel and actually buy an old bus a year or two before retirement and take their time converting it according to their needs. You can even buy one that's partially completed where the previous owner either ran out of money, realised they'd bitten off more than they could chew, got sick of it, or died before they could finish it.

Buses ready for conversion or already converted in Australia can be found at:

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