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Camper trailers

Category: Types of homes-on-wheels. Published: 23 Jun 2009

A camper trailer is essentially a trailer with a canvas structure that folds out to form a tent-like structure, however I've noticed that owners of such vehicles tend to get very upset when I call it a tent. When set up the bed is located in the trailer part and the canvas structure forms an annex for storage or sitting under.

In recent times I've seen fancier, hard-top versions that fold out into what seems more like a double-storey house.

I've seen many arguments arise from a husband or wife trying to direct the other while reversing a caravan into a camping spot, but to really start an argument it seems you can't go past a camper trailer. These seem to be relatively easy to setup, but packing up appears at times to be more difficult than solving a Rubik's cube.

These seem to be for the couple or family looking for a short-term camping experience. They are much cheaper than other forms of homes-on-wheels, easier to tow and suitable for getting to remote locations. I can't imagine that there would be many people living in these permanently, but if you generally live outside, travel with the seasons, don't want or need the comforts that others can't do without, prefer to visit the more remote and difficult to get to places, or money is an issue, then these may be an inexpensive option.

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