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Motorhomes or motor caravans

Category: Types of homes-on-wheels. Published: 23 Jun 2009

Wiktionary ( describes a motorhome as "A recreational vehicle, a self-propelled structure built on a truck or bus chassis containing living accommodations".

There appear to be many different types of motorhomes. I've found various descriptions for A-Class, B-Class and C-Class, but couldn't find any upper-class, middle-class or lower-class. I've been told many times that I have no class, so these are obviously not suitable for me.

  • A-Class is a purpose built motorhome mounted on a truck or coach chassis.
  • B-Class is built using a conventional van and is otherwise known as a campervan.
  • C-Class is a motorhome body built on a conventional truck cab and chassis and generally has the bed over the cab -- sometimes referred to as a cab-over.

Converted buses may also be classed as a motorhome.

Some of the larger versions are more luxurious than the average house, and some are even the size of a small, or not so small, house!

The biggest advantage of a motorhome over other types of homes-on-wheels is having everything contained in one unit. They are much bigger than a campervan, meaning they have lots of space and generally have all the facilities for more comfortable living. The addition of slide-outs, which are movable sections of wall, also make for more space and comfort.

If you're going to live in one of these you will almost certainly need to tow a second vehicle, which increases the cost and maintenance. The size of some of these motorhomes makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get to some areas to do your shopping or to visit tourist attractions. Once you've set up camp you really don't want to have to pack up to get a carton of milk. Most motorhomers seem to tow a small 4WD or other vehicle, and again there are options here -- either towing the vehicle directly or on a trailer.

There are also licencing issues with the larger motorhomes -- if it's over a certain weight then a light truck licence is required, and, as with everything else in this country, this probably varies between states and territories.

A list of campervan and motorhome manufacturers in Australia can be found at:

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