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Installing a rear-vision camera

Category: My first slide-on campervan. Published: 23 Jun 2009

I bought a rear-vision camera in Mount Gambier, had the video screen installed in Adelaide and installed the camera in Port Pirie.

When I was purchasing appliances for my slide-on campervan in Canberra I investigated the possibility of installing a rear-vision camera. At that time I decided it wasn't really necessary, thinking it would only be of assistance when reversing -- the ones I looked at were called "reversing" cameras. After travelling for a while I realised that it was almost impossible to see anything coming up behind me. I had wide mirrors attached to the truck but these only help to a small degree and don't reveal anything directly behind the van.

While in Mount Gambier I saw a rear-vision camera advertised for half the price of a similar unit that I had looked at in Canberra so I couldn't resist.

When I was in Adelaide I bought a CD player for the truck. When this was installed I had the video screen part of the camera system installed as well -- while they were taking the dash apart to install the stereo it was easy enough to thread through the wires for the screen. I decided I could install the camera myself, which I did while I was stopped in Port Pirie. At first I thought the best location for it would be up high, but very quickly realised that down low was a much better option.

Having had the rear-vision camera for a few years now I'd never be without one when travelling in any sort of vehicle with restricted rear-vision. At first I thought it would only be a small assistance when reversing, but it's of significantly greater benefit than that -- it enables me to see what's happening behind me on the road.

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